We are Preferred Builders

At Preferred Builders we take an inclusive approach to building, working closely with the architect and client throughout the build.

The success of our business has been built on the core values, of confidence, trust and professionalism. Having confidence in our ability to produce, trust that our budgets and margins are transparent, and respecting the integrity that defines a successful business.

Preferred Builders are determined to implement the architectural design as it is intended whilst continually re-inventing our methodologies to ensure the build runs economically without compromise. Due to our targeted approach to projects we are able to dedicate fulltime resources to each job, maintaining ongoing communication throughout the duration of the build which ensures that every detail is finished as intended.

At Preferred Builders we take pride in each project we undertake and enjoy sharing that pride with both the architect and client. The high level of satisfaction with our work is demonstrated by the number of clients and architects that have returned to us to build further projects. We are fortunate to have worked with many renowned architects and share their passion for excellence.


Our expertise and experience is based on a high degree of professionalism across a broad spectrum of the building industry: from proven management systems and modern, cutting edge technologies required for high level detailed construction, through to a patience and understanding of the more traditional techniques and hands-on methodologies that are required for successful restorations to heritage listed buildings.

This has allowed us to achieve excellent results in the two principal building types that we encounter: contemporary, architect-designed buildings of complex structural, spatial or material configuration on the one hand, and more sensitive, contextual interventions to existing heritage buildings on the other. A measure of our success in both of these areas can be seen in the variety of awards we have received from our peers in the building industry, as shown on our awards pages.